After two years of fighting bravely, this little girl has lost her fight with DIPG cancer. On the first of August 2018 she passed away peacefully.

We want to thank you all for your invaluable support. Your help gave Maithili and her family hope and the chance to spend more loving moments together. Every moment meant the world to Maithili and her family.

The fight this little girl and her parents put up for every single extra day together on this earth is an example of bravery to us all.

Let us hope that their brave fight will continue to inspire others never to give up.

Let us hope that their fight will motivate governments and the healthcare industry at large to find a cure for rare diseases like DIPG.

Let us all remember that the life of any child can never be calculated as a matter of profit and loss.

Let us always remember to choose life over money.

11 August 2016. Young Maithili is diagnosed with DIPG, an extremely rare brain tumor. It’s a painful disease that also affects her nerves. The verdict: only 9 months to live.

But Maithili is still alive. She’s a fighter – but she’s fighting with the courage of despair. Yet courage alone won’t suffice to save her. Maithili’s body has become resistant to regular treatments. And tumors show no mercy.

Only a revolutionary treatment can save Maithili, and it’s only available in Mexico. Price: 70,000 euros. Maithili has only a wing and a prayer – financial and aid organizations have turned their backs…

Maithili’s parents have done everything they can to save their daughter. They’ve literally sold all their personal belongings. Everything! There is nothing left for them to sell now. And seeing your daughter die for lack of money is inhuman. The family has nothing left now but hope and your help. Don’t let Maithili die for lack of resources.

Please, give Maithili the chance to stay alive. Give her parents their daughter back. Give whatever amount you can, however large or small. Every euro counts.

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On July 22, 2017 Maithili’s story appeared in a Belgian newspaper: http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/957/Binnenland/article/detail/3214586/2017/07/22/Belgische-artsen-gaven-Maithili-12-op-maar-revolutionaire-kankertherapie-in-Mexico-blijkt-nu-toch-aan-te-slaan.dhtml

On August 26, 2017 appeared the following story:


Hi. We’re Stefanie Rotsaert and Samuël Vanhille from Assebroek, near Bruges, Belgium.

We have a 12-year-old daughter, Maithili. Our world collapsed on August 11, 2016, when doctors discovered a brain stem tumor. We are talking about a Diffuse Intensive Pontine Glioma, DIPG. This is a very rare tumor that affects 2 to 3 Belgian children each year. The tumor is inoperable because it’s intertwined with all the nerves governing the body’s vital functions. The prognosis the doctors gave us was bad: 3 to 9 months, max, the last phase of which would be constant deterioration …

Maithili went through radiotherapy and immunotherapy in Cologne and CED in London. This kept the tumor quiet for a while. In May this year, however, we discovered that the tumor had become resistant and was starting to grow slightly. Because of this growth, the tumor will start putting pressure on nerves that are vital, causing paralysis, difficulty swallowing and breathing, and eventually death.

Her condition is stable now, but here in Belgium doctors are no longer able to give us help or hope. Worldwide, there are a few places that conduct research into DIPG, and scientists are getting closer to finding a solution. That’s how we ended up in Monterrey, Mexico, where researchers have been studying this type of tumor in children for over 24 years. Here they combine immunotherapy with an intra–arterial chemotherapy. The results give us hope! Below you can find an article about a girl from England who is receiving the same treatment: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4570944/Terminally-ill-British-miracle-recovery.html

After consulting our health insurance, we were told that the moment we go abroad for treatment – the only one that gives our daughter a chance of survival – we’re on our own. We will have to pay all medical costs ourselves. We’re talking about 25,000 euros for each treatment, and Maithili needs this treatment every 3 weeks … How many treatments she will need depends on how the tumor reacts. Financially, this is too much for us, even though we both have steady jobs. So we started fundraising.

It’s our only chance to save our 12-year-old daughter’s life. After the first treatment on July 4, 2017, Maithili told us she can feel the strength returning to her right hand and leg, and we noticed that she can speak more fluently as well.

As a parent, if you know that there’s one chance to save the person most precious to you, you have to grab that chance with both hands … We hope you feel the same and that you can help us.

We are forever grateful …
Sam en Stefanie

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Thanks to these donors, the Brandhome foundation has already been able to donate 17,000 euros to the family of Maithili. But Maithili needs more!

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Through the eyes of Samuel Vanhille, Maithili’s father

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Suffering the same fate as Maithili

In Belgium alone, 2 to 3 children are faced with the harsh reality of DIPG each year. Therefore, this campaign doesn’t stop with Maithili. When we succeed in raising enough money for her treatment, we will see this as a reason to keep going. To help other children in need as well.

“We want to make sure that money never becomes the deciding factor standing between parents and the healing of their child.”